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At the latest since the successfully finished negotiations about accession to the European Union and more since the accession some years ago Hungary moved into the centre of the interest of foreign investors. Inexpensive workers in sufficient number, best traffic systems to the rest of Europe and subventions of the Hungarian State are reasons enough.

The komitat Somogy is already now characterised by its already outstanding situation, which will substantially improve in the future. Here the capital of the komitat Kaposvár and its environment is described in detail for example.

The city Kaposvár with 72.000 inhabitants is the capital of the komitat Somogy. The Komitat Somogy borders in the north on the Lake Balaton, in the south on the river Dráva. Because of their situation the city is well attainable from all regions, it lies in the centre of the region south Transdanubia.

In the economic life of the city primarily the food industry is according to the traditions of great importance. The economy of Kaposvár changed in the past years fundamentally, beyond the stabilisation of the young Hungarian enterprises several, mainly foreign investors of the food and animal feed industry established themselves in the city.

The Trade Park Kaposvár east is property of the municipal administration. It is lain along the national road leading from the city to Dombóvár. The goods station is about 1,000 feet far away from the Trade Park. One expects that on the 150 acres large park investments with large space requirement and larger volume be realised.

Up to now several enterprises are active on the area of the with public supplies fully equipped trade park, among them the enterprise of the American animal fodder producer Purina and the motorbus manufacturer Nabi.

In Kaposvár the city highway has been finished, which later will be part of the planned motorway M 9 (Austria - Romania). Parts are already in use of the traffic. This future M 9 will connect the entire south of Hungary, in addition to the everywhere available railway system.

The additionally planned and now in development being airport Taszár in the direct proximity of Kaposvár, is already a further incentive for investors, since thereby now finally also for this region the gate to the west is opened. Actually there are concrete negotiations with investors for exploring the airport.

The Hungarian south however is not only interesting for large investors. Here small and medium sized enterprises are treated with the necessary respect and the support, as they should be. Those are very needed especially in the countryside.

All surrounding villages are open for emission-free small and medium sized enterprises, since the development plans grant principally mixed areas here. By both the size of properties and the existing, backland development (barns, stables etc.) which can be renewed if necessary and the unbureaucratic regulations for building permits just made the villages around Kaposvár interesting for large such as small investments. Small and medium sized crafts are just as welcome as all enterprises around the village tourism.

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