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In many parts of the southern Transdanubia there are too few accommodations, although the village tourism continues to develop constantly. Qualitative, as well as quantitative improvements are urgently necessary. In different classes we present the possibilities to you. We offer to you in each case a custom-made offer from the very first planning up to long-term marketing. Partially we have however also objects in the quiet sales, which we do not publish on behalf of the seller, but only inform with appropriate inquiries.

  Hotel and Pensions
We introduce selected objects to you, which are well suitable not only economically for the realisation as a hotel or a pension, but fit also both well into the landscape and into the structure of a village.
More and more people like this way of vacation, so we offer properties that fit for this purpose.
  Vacation Resort  
Also here we are looking for objects, which are particularly suitable for the toutistic development. With a vacation resort we develop a complete concept for you and take over all formalities from the conversion of a property's state up to the recruitment of appropriate personnel.
  Vacation Houses
You want to invest a smaller amount into accommodations? What about an individual vacation house. Also here we can offer you appropriate objects, both in old, grown villages, and in new quarters. You worry around the marketing? We can take it over from you - and nevertheless you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation in your own house.
Tourists and Hungarians both appreciate a good kitchen. Accordingly to the increasing village tourism it is also necessary to fulfil the culinary requirements of the traveller. If you have ambitions in this branch of the tourism, then we will present also here suitable offers to you.


Many businessmen already made this step before you, invested it in production plants and sales points in Hungary, in this inexpensive and rising country with qualified workers. We help you with your own way to Hungary.



Small Business Properties

According to the regional construction regulations everywhere small and medium business buildings may be erected, as far as those enterprises are not environmentally problematic. Due to the unusual low costs use of those properties are particularly recommendable for enterprises with a local independent production. Simultaneously it is an option for the investor to buy or build an adequate residence at the same place. The Hungarian right sets here only few limits.
  Large Business Properties
Not only small and medium sized enterprises with a relatively small space requirement we are able to suitable properties, but we also can help companies with abounding space requirement to find a new property. Good contacts in the region make it possible for us to react promptly to unusual offers and to present those to you.
  Offices, Shops and Halls
Do you look for an already existing building for your enterprise? A store on a good location or an industrial building? Then you should inform in this part. Shops in small villages you will look for here in vain, those do not correspond to the requirements about the situation, which we have in this part. If you should look for such an object, then you find these under the existing houses, please feel free to ask us.

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Magyar Kúria Real Estate Limited with office in Várong, nearby the thermal bath of Igal in Hungary, looks at herself not as real estate agent only, but mostly as service enterprise around the subject real estate, it doesn't matter whether used or for construction of your house or vacation-home, on your own or a by us purchased property, as a vacation-house, or for living there. On behalf a house in the tourist centres, as for example Siófok at Lake Balaton we can offer you your own farmhouse in a for village tourism interesting settlements, or just a townhouse in Kaposvár, Pécs or other towns. We will help you with your cure or vacation and also if you plan to invest between Balaton and Drava, we work for you in the komitats Somogy, Tolna and Baranya. For all questions you can contact our customers service.